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welcome to SS Associates

Here at SS Associates, we nurture our projects from the ground up. All our clients receive the attention of our entire staff, not just a single designer or copywriter. Each and every project receives the utmost care and attention. Our Ultimate goal is to build a line so unique and promote it so effectively that clients will be willing to pay a premium. our long-term objective is to build a market that is not entirely based on price, but on effect output.


For marketing any Product / Service today, advertising agencies need to provide various communication needs, be it Public Relations, Corporate Image, Direct Marketing, Merchandising, Sales Promotions, POP, Launching of products or rejuvenating the old, Finance – Public Issues etc., More and more innovative ideas and ways to win over the customers have become the ultimate aim of everyone in the business.


Forward thinking, unconventional approach to create the right impression, sensitivity to client’s expectations, adapting to the needs of the day to create awareness, presenting specific tailor made solutions within a short span of time are our hall mark. It is the era of competitive marketing. We develop, nurture and protect brand value emphasizing the strategic advantage of the brand equity..


We believe that in the highly competitive market it is good to use different talent for each specific job instead of sticking around with one Copywriter /Art Director whose concept of thinking is restricted and all the client’s jobs have similar style. To avoid this handicap and to compete in the business, we’ve formed a team of Copywriters and Creative Directors whose services we use depending upon the campaign to create maximum impact. For language translations, agency service will be utilized.

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